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A Womans Guide to Happiness

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A Womans guide to happiness
A Womans guide to happiness
How to attract love and live the life of your dreams.
Which are the features that define femininity? Where does our inability to receive stem from? Does profound change always come with extreme pain? Is there a formula for lasting harmony and happiness in a relationship?
The author discusses with a lot of love, understanding and respect for the reader universal problems of the contemporary couple and the modern woman. The book includes various exercises and techniques for visualization and meditation that will help you find the way to your feminine essence and feel more self-confident, serene and strong.

The attached interviews and the test for diagnosing and developing of archetypes come as a special bonus for Nataliya Kobylkina’s loyal fans.

"Only when you feel satisfied and accomplished as a person, you can create an adequate relationship where both partners are of equal value. If your own opinion of yourself is low, you are constantly haunted by the suspicion that people confirm it, even if they do not", Nataliya Kobylkina persuades us in this fresh and inspiring book of psychotherapy.
Nataliya Kobylkina is a famous and successful coach, psychologist, writer, sexologist and family therapist. Nataliya teaches more than 12 years and leads seminars in London, Italy, USA, Japan, Brasil, Bulgaria and other countries. Her seminars are attended by more than 50 000 people, whom she helped find their happiness. She is an author of 6 books about relationships and sexology, each one of them becoming a bestseller sold in thousands of copies all over the world. Nataliya has been working in media more than 6 years and has her own show. Her advice on Internet and TV have helped more than 2 000 000 people. She is a founder of "Happy woman" Academy, employer of 50 coaches, leading seminars, consultations and webinars all over the world. Nataliya often works with stars, famous politicians and successful businessmen. She is happily married for more than 11 years.
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    Nataliya Kobylkina
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