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Kriya Yoga - Messages

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Kriya Yoga - Messages
Kriya Yoga - Messages
True morality is voluntary action, not compulsive actions compelled through the movement of fear and greed.
A spiritual teacher does not need an organisation. When a teacher starts organasing, he is no longer teacher. He is then only manipulator.
Success needs to be evaluated in terms of peace, piousness and purity, not in terms of power, possessions and prominence as also in terms of goodness, grace and gratitude; not in terms of glamour, glitter and gratification.
Can we love even those who hate us and are hostile to us? And try to find out why they do so? What then would be our response? Should we then meet hate with hate and rage with rage? What would be the outcome, if this is done? Have we not failed to answer uch questions for thousands of years? If we fail to answer them now, we shall never get opportunity to do so in future, for we may all be finished in a nuclear holocaust! Will "Kriya Yogis" help humanity to wake up to this situation?
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    Shibendu Lahiri
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    Dobromir Boyanov - Haydakan
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