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The Wellspring of Good

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 The Wellspring of Good
 The Wellspring of Good
As people become more discriminating they will recognise true spirituality when they see it and will come to appreciate the greatness of Petet Deunov's contribution to our heritage. This greatness is based on his articulation and embodiment of the three cardinal principles of his teaching: Love, Wisdom and Truth. I consider him to be the greatest and most universal spiritual teacher of the last century and indeed what Hegel called a world-historical figure whose sigtnifiance will only gradually be realised over the coming centuries: eternal principles are timeless and can be appreciates anew in every generation.(David Lorimer - authir of Whole in One: the Near-death Experience and the Ethic of Interconnectedness)
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    Beinsa Douno
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    Bialo Bratstvo Publishers
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